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3st. Prize of the Competition of Ideas of preliminary plan to arrange the new Barcelona avenue in Montroig del Camp (Barcelona)

YEAR : 2009

SURFACE: 93.933 m²



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3st prize of Preliminary plan to arrange the new Barcelona avenue  
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The area from Montroig del Camp, named “Miami Beach” is a beautiful coastal area with the more white and beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Coast. Despite this, the village is very divided and fragmented. The National road N-340 has a very heavy traffic and it ride through the town, creating a barrier difficult to overcome, that maintains the town fractured.
The construction of the new highway will free the town from this road and will enable new opportunities for this area.
The objective of this project is to transform the old road in a beautiful avenue integrated as centerpiece of the urban uses and citizen relationship. We have the idea of a global proposal that will integrate the space freed from the road and another space freed from the railway (it is approved the plan to change the actual route of the train) on the urban design. For this reason the project will consist in two phases:
- To add the freed space of old national road to urban design.
- To free up the railway in order to add this new space to urban design
With these two new big spaces, the town gets two new axis that address the urban design:
- The first space takes advantage of its large width to create an axis that will link the two fractured areas of town. The urban relationship will improve and this situation will lead to new urban uses.
- The second space serves as boundary between car traffic and sea. This way, the town retrieves the street that runs around the track to the beach and convert street promenade.
The proposal has three key elements:
1.-The new axis on the old national road. This new avenue will have big lateral spaces with little green spaces and equipments, making a point of reference and meeting, a motivation for urban activity that achieves social and commercial and will re-sew the two divided sides of town.
2.-The new freed space on the old railway, with a street converted to a green corridor with bike lane.
3.-The new promenade. The town will enjoy again the beautiful views.

These three key elements are interrelated through several entrances for pedestrians, located between the axis of the old national road and the axis of the green corridor. Also interact through a rolled –way streets connecting the two longitudinal avenues (axis), supported by parking areas that will form the border for road traffic before reaching the beach.